10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2021

10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2021
10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2021

10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2021

10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2021
10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2021

Don’t you know? Having money at hand goes a long way to adding happiness to ones life? When you have money,  you think straight and act right. That feelings that yes on checking your bank account you have certain amount and not just a Zero account.

When your account read zero forget it you are either down or sick internally because you have to funds to hold at hand or buy some basic necessity things of life.

Today in this article,  we have drafted a well and legit way of making money online expecially in Nigeria.

1.  BLOGGING: Today blogging has become a very lucrative Job globally as its yields big profit when you know what you are doing and how to go about it. Gone are those days when you hear of people saying am a blogger and you see someone at one other edge making jest. Yes! Why have i listed blogging as no one? To be a blogger cost you nothing its very easy as long as you are willing to learn or join the team. You could begin with blogspot then later you can migrate to other blogging platform say wordpress etc

Tips about blogging if want to start.

I give free tips on blogging just incase you can always message or connect. But on blogging all you need to have at your finger tips are:

* You don’t need to be a professional writer before starting a blog.

* What are you good at? this will help you to determine the niche you want to blog on. E.G Entertainment Blog, Fashion Blog, Food/Recipie Blog, Sports, Technology, Gossip, News – These are what we called niche.

* Domain name: The name you choose for your brand matters. Choose a catchy and a very easy to remember name.

Every successive bloggers have a price to pay.

2. TRADING BITCOIN: When high inflation rates and inaccessibility to banks make it insensible to deal with naira, it’s the perfect timing to look into cryptocurrencies as an alternative as these digital assets are decentralized, unaffected by economic recessions, and can be traded instantly.

3. SELLING YOUR PHOTOS: Instead of posting your photos on Instagram for feel-good likes, turn them into a means of income by uploading them to Foap. If someone wants to use your photos, they’ll pay you for licensing, and you’ll earn half of that licensing fee every time they sell with the help of your photo. Your pocket money can really snowball with just a snapshot of your food, winter boots, holiday season celebrations and whatever that’s in demand.

4. START FREELANCING: Freelancing is a sure way to earn a steady income online in Nigeria. With freelancing, you have the opportunity to make money online free of cost. All you need is a skill. You can be in Nigeria and work remotely for established companies abroad.

If you are looking for a job that pays you real your convenience, then freelancing is the answer. As long as you have skills, it could be digital marketing, content writing, researching, graphic design, proofreading, coding or any interesting skills, you can work for others online and get paid.

Moreover, you can build a lucrative career with it. All you have to do is horn your skill and find businesses or companies who are looking for people with your skills, negotiate and get to work.

Did you also know that finding clients is very easy?

There are platforms that you can network with people who are looking for experts with your skill to help with different jobs. All you have to do is register as a member with as many of these platforms as possible, apply for jobs. Most of these platforms are free and some allow you to create a designated business profile so that others can find you when they need you.

Here is a Freelancer Success Guide to get you started on your journey to your first $1000 monthly from freelancing. 

It is crucial to give it your best and have a good reputation. Because of the better reviews you receive from your clients, the faster you grow, and the more you earn.

Some of the platforms that you can register and get freelancing jobs includes: FiverrUpworkFreelancerGuru and more.

It is a very lucrative industry. For example, every year, freelancers on Upwork makes over $1 billion.

5. START AFFILIATE MARKETING: Not only is it growing as fast pace, but it is also already a massive global industry.

It is all about referring customers to products or services that you do not own and then get a commission for it. It is that simple. Let’s say you have a blog or social media pages that you write about laptops. People visit your pages to read about laptops and see pictures of the latest laptops.

That means these people that come to your page to a certain level trust your review, you can influence their decision with your content. Now, if you have an agreement with some laptop distributors, that for referral that buys, you get 10% commission.

These manufacturers now give you links to some of the affiliate products that you think are reliable. You then share these links with your followers through your product reviews. The idea behind the link is to track how many customers click to buy from your pages.

6. START COPYWRITING: Copywriting is one of the vital elements of effective online marketing that can never be overlooked. By definition, Copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words (written or spoken) that inspires the target audience to take some form of action that you care about. Today, Copywriters happens to be the highest-paid writers in the world.

Copywriting is writing copies with an end goal of advertising or marketing. The copy is intended to persuade someone to buy a product or influence their beliefs.

Who is Copywriting Suitable for?

This lucrative online money making opportunity is best for people who have a great passion for writing.

Although copywriting can be intimidation, I have an ‘A’ grade in this skill. I teach business owners how to write compelling sales copy that will get even the most unwilling person to pay for their offerings without hesitation.

Copywriting is no magic…It’s just a skill that can be mastered. So if you want to horn your copywriting skill to double your chances of making money online writing email copies, why not contact us today, we’ll guide you how you can write compelling marketing copies for clients and get paid for it.

7. START VIDEO BLOGGING ON YOUTUBE: This is a very smart way to make money online. With over 5 billion videos watched daily on YouTube, there is a lot of opportunities that it presents. People spend so many hours online watching videos that inspire, entertain or educate them. You can create an account on YouTube with your channel and become a video blogger.

Additionally, all you have to do is select a niche that you will focus on. It could be Technology, Fashion, Marriage, Politics, Football, Music, Health, Comedy and many more. Then build your audience consciously.

As you grow your channel and visibility, you will have people contact you for adverts. Also, you can partner with brands. Sell your products, become an affiliate marketer or serve third-party ads.

8. BECOME AN ONLINE TUTOR: Due the to the growth of busy lifestyle of many people nowadays, people prefer to take online courses rather than the physical training.

The rise in technology and the internet has made the experience of online coaching extremely realistic. As a result, demand for online tutorial websites is growing really fast. So if you like to help others learn, online tutorial could be the earning ticket for you.

9. WEBSITE DESIGN/GRAPHICS: Good in designing a website or graphics? You can earn big money from this.

Sharp tips:

Post your work on social platform say Instagram and use the right tags then you are good to go. If you are good in graphics, you can pick some celebrity photos on Instagram, design and tag the celebrity with this if your design is eye catching boom! 💥 you are on point.


Today, anyone can publish an article with a device and internet access. To make it even easier, online content-sharing platforms like HubPages allows anyone to create and monetize their blog posts, most especially when they are relevant to the audiences. As a member of the platform, you earn money online by applying for Google AdSense and the HubPages Ad Program. This will allow ads to be displayed in your article. As a Hubler, you can earn USD $1,000 monthly!


1. CONTENT WRITER: You can help people to write on their blogs to get paid for it.

2. BUY AND SELL DOMAINS: Are you good at choosing a good website name? You can buy and resell with this you make huge money. So, Flippa is basically a place where you can sell and buy ready made websites.

3. ARE YOU A COMEDIAN? Start posting those funny video and content at the long run you get paid for shows.

4. BETTING: Yes! Betting is another way people make money once you are good you are good. The only disadvantage this has is that your chances of getting what you want is a at the rate of 50:50.

5. BEAT CREATION: Are you good with beats? You can start creating beats  and uploading on your social platform on Youtube and instagram and ensure you tag the right people. With this any artiste could use your beat for his song and you know what that means

6. SELL ON JUMIA / KONGA: On Jumia you can create your own shop online and start to sell your products across Nigeria thanks to Jumia’s marketing and logistic expertise. With over 200 million reaches to potential buyers, you can start making real money online selling your product on Jumia platform. Konga is one of the largest websites in Nigeria. Sell to over 50 million buyers across every state in Nigeria. Commission fees are as low as 3%, and you only pay when you successfully sell your product. You choose the price for your listings, whether or not you accept Pay On Delivery, your return policy, your delivery method, and other important options.

7. START SHORTENING URL: Link shortening is a product that will give you a better way to earn money online. There are different link shorteners out there but not all give you money. I will share with you just one of the URL shorteners and has been tested WWW.SHORTE.ST.

IN CONCLUSION, the above tips are few compared to many other businesses you can do online. With more research you can grab a good one.

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