#BBNaija Day 61: Party with Joeboy and DJ Lambo tonight and lots more…

#BBNaija Day 61: Party with Joeboy and DJ Lambo tonight and lots more…

#BBNaija Day 61: Party with Joeboy and DJ Lambo tonight and lots more...

#BBNaija Day 61: Party with Joeboy and DJ Lambo tonight and lots more you might have skipped last night! Relax and enjoy the refresh

Day 61: Saturday Party with Joeboy and DJ Lambo
The Saturday Night Party in the Big Brother Naija House is going to be hotter than the coals in a barbecue because Joeboy is going to be on the mic and DJ Lambo will be ruling the decks.

Saturday is closer than mosquitos and blood, and if you are looking to make sure your night is filled with great tunes and so much dancing that your feet go numb, listen up, this message is just for you. Since it’s still not completely safe outside Big Brother Naija has the perfect party for you to enjoy indoors as the Housemates will be joined by singer extraordinaire Joeboy and mistress of the turntables DJ Lambo!

Tune and join the Housemates for a night of terrific tunes, fierce fashion, and most importantly safe fun as the party turns a night at home in front of the screen into a night to remember.

Day 61: ‘We are no longer friends’ – Dorathy

Neo shares an awkward moment that he shared with Brighto involving Erica. Dorathy reminds Ozo where they stand and shares her wishes to also buy a red car.

Day 61: Betway Sports Trivia

Once again the Housemates had a battle of wits with the subject being sports trivia. This time round it was Team White who enjoyed the winning feeling.

Day 61: Will it work?

Vee tries to get some advice about her relationship situation from Laycon. Laycon tells her that she already knows the answer. Will she concede that Laycon is right, or continue wondering if her ‘ship with Neo will keep on sailing outside of the Big Brother House?

Day 61: What are they doing now?

Vee and Laycon play a fun game of guessing what the Evicted Housemates are up to. Ozo and Nengi playfully discuss who is allowed to ignore who, and Vee asks Trikytee if he would ever do any of the things for his partner that Neo does for her.

Day 61: The Betway MAD Task
The Housemates were tasked to Make a Difference with Betway Nigeria in today’s Task presentation.

A week ago, the Lockdown Housemates were introduced to a very special Task designed to help them contribute in a unique way to the society by giving back to the society and contributing to a initiative.

For this Task, they were presented with a number of topics. You were given the freedom to choose freely and form teams to tackle the initiative.

A few hours ago, they were introduced to their judges for this Task – Don Jazzy and Dr Yewande Ntekim-Rex.

Tonight’s Task was divided into three stages:

Stage one was the team introductions, where they had to introduce their respective teams and the initiatives they had chosen. What they had to do was tell Biggie a bit about it, especially what it means to them. Each team had five minutes for this.

Team Gender-Based Violence – Nengi and Vee, made the first introduction as they spoke through their initiative.#BBNaija Day 61: Party with Joeboy and DJ Lambo tonight and lots more...

Neo, Dorathy and Trikytee represented Team Food Security and spoke through their personal experiences as they introduced their access to food foundation.#BBNaija Day 61: Party with Joeboy and DJ Lambo tonight and lots more...

Finally, Team Sports Development – Ozo and Laycon, introduced their initiative as an integral part of our society.

Stage two was the actual debate.

Taking turns, one team at a time, they all had to discuss the demerits of the other teams while promoting the merits of their own initiative. For this stage, all team members were required to speak. Each team was given five minutes for the debate. Team Food Security was of the opinion that their initiative triumphs all others and nothing will function without addressing the importance of their topic. “Food is essential to life,” they concluded. On the other hand, Team Sports Development said they believe sports puts the spotlight on any initiative in the world and concluded that sports is the best way to bring people together. “Sports is secondary, life is primary,” Nengi said while advocating for the Gender-Based Violence initiative.

Stage three was the pitch.

For this stage, each team had to try and convince the judges to fund their initiative. For this round, they had seven minutes. Team Sports Development went first as they analyzed the importance of sports to the economy, team GBV went next talking about wanting medical institutions funded to help victims. Finally, Team Food Security outlined their plans to support farmers to ensure adequate and smooth food production and distribution.

#BBNaija Day 61: Party with Joeboy and DJ Lambo tonight and lots more...

While we await the judges’ results on this Task, which team gave a MAD presentation tonight?

News Credit –  Africa Magic

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