Shocking: Bobrisky’s gay games and the looming axe of the law

Idris Okuneye, the acclaimed Nigerian cross dresser, known as Bobrisky spoke to Celebrity Diary he blatantly denied he’s gay and claimed that he’s just another cosmetics seller who has found a bender to sell his products. That was some  years ago. But Bobrisky’s utterances, social media posts and activities have suggested otherwise.

Many have asked him to declare openly whether he’s gay or not and as a controversial person, Bobrisky, never claim or disclaim and more often than not, he has given responses that may very well suggest that his sexuality is indeed questionable.
“Yes, I’m gay, I’ll go to hell fire, thanks. Please, what next? I’m tired of the same words, I want to hear something new, cheers!”, he once declared when being pestered by a follower who wouldn’t take his silence on the issue of his sexuality for an answer. This statement led to his arrest. In another post which was deleted on his privatized Instagram page, Bobrisky, captioning a photo of himself, said the way he dressed, is the way you dress when you’re on a date with a “minister”. Although not an open declaration of a gay but many thought no straight person could have made such a comment with such suggestive picture.

In another post, Bobrisky called himself a wife, posting “When your bae gets you a house and treats you as a good second wife… Also buys you a Benz to enjoy life. Thanks bae”. There have been questions over what he means by ‘bae’ which is normally a pet name for a lover. He is a male, so, why would he become a second wife? It is another question the male Barbie, as he is called has raised over his sexuality. It was a gay game that may burn him sooner than he realises because there’s a 14-year jail rap hanging for homosexuals.

If these earlier posts are disturbing, his post after the death of a Congo Brazzaville gay man, Paul Arduad was shockingly outrageous. The latter allegedly died after a long battle with anal cancer. Bobrisky then proceeded to give tips on how to live a healthy life as a gay. “Ïf you wanna be gay or want to take dick, you need to have money. I mean, be rich to always look out for yourself. Your partner’s own is to cum inside you, that’s all. But it’s now left for you to take that cum outside”.

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