Crime – My Friend Is Threatening To Kill Me

Muhammad Salihu, Suspect

Good day to you ‘all. First I want to say this is very difficult to bring to the public but it’s getting out of hand. I am beginning to notice a pattern about what he says about me.

I contacted a friend of mine because I wish to slaughter a cow as a sacrifice and share it to the needy so as God to keep opening more blessing ways and doors for me in my life, The person I’m used to buy from was not available so I contacted one of my guy and narrated the story to him, He told me that there is no problem that I should transfer the 120K that he will handle everything in behalf of me because I’m out of the country. So he shared me a number of one guy he claimed that he use to purchase the cow from.

I called the guy and we agreed on 160K, He sent his account details and I transferred the the money immediately.
1hrs, 2hrs, 3hrs I didn’t heard from them no more, so I called him back and he told me that the 120K is not enough that I should add 40K so he would buy the cow… Immediately I heard that I definitely knew that I had been scammed I just terminated the call…

And the most matter here is that the guy is threatening my life saying that when ever I come back to Nigeria I should just consider my self a death body, Please friends and family I really need your help here,

Please Friends What Can I Do Now… I don’t care about his blabbing, I just don’t want that money to go like that…

I hate it when someone is trying to rip me off my hard earned money with so much confidence.  Work.

Should I report the case or let go, I’m totally confused right now. Below is attached proof of my conversation with him… Thank you so much.


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