DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Christmas at the Golden Dragon (2022)

DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Christmas at the Golden Dragon (2022)

DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Christmas at the Golden Dragon (2022)

Christmas at the Golden Dragon (2022) Video Mp4 Download Movie

Family, love, and Chinese fusion.

When Romy and Rick’s parents surprise them with the news that they will be closing the Chinese restaurant they have owned and operated for decades, the siblings each find themselves reevaluating their futures. Also impacted by the news are the landmark restaurant’s loyal patrons and staff, who have all come to depend on the restaurant over the holidays.

Rick is supposed to meet Sadie, but he stands her up again because he is working at the restaurant.

Speaking of restaurants, Blake’s family takes her to their local Chinese restaurant to make her feel better since her family restaurant is closing. Romy realizes that it means more to her than she thought. She stands up and says she has to go home right away. The family is very supportive, and Blake is even going to go with her!

Jane and Victora make come to an understanding. This is good because everyone in the movie now needs to band together to re-open the restaurant.

Romy and Rick assign everyone jobs, and then we get a cooking montage with a touch of a food fight.

Rick takes a break to make things up to Sadie with a Christmas gift; oh wait, no it’s a prom corsage. He asks her to come to the dinner IN HER PROM DRESS. Shel tells him that one big gesture isn’t fixing everything, but she agrees to meet. (The prom dress is basic, and she doesn’t even wear a coat!)

Nate asks Romy to marry him in the restaurant with a gold string. It isn’t the perfect proposal, but it is her perfect Christmas.

The parents show up and see the restaurant is up and running without them. They are bewildered. Rick seats them, and they are very impressed with his cooking and Romy’s surprise visit/engagement.

After a successful last service, the crew takes an ornament from the tree and says why it is special to them. The community tree holds so many memories and will always be with the Chen family.

Side Note

When my hometown’s Chinese Restaurant closed, my family was devastated and still haven’t found anywhere that they like to replace it.

There is a Check commercial in the middle of the movie courtesy of Walmark.

Minority Report: Miguel, Beth, Mr. Driver, Jen.

Christmas at the Golden Dragon (2022)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release Date: Nov 20, 2022 (Canada)

Stars: Kara Wang, Osric Chau, Antonio Cupo, Barbara Niven


Language: English

Subtitle Language: English






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