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Exclusive: Ini Edo marriage history you never knew - Amebo9ja
September 23, 2023

Exclusive: Ini Edo marriage history you never knew

Ini Edo is a very fascinating lady. Is she married? She managed to win the hearts of thousands men through her movies, but is there a man who has managed to win her heart? Read the article to find out!

Ini edo short profile

She is an attractive actress from Akwa Ibom. Her film career started in the 2000s. Since that time, she has acted in more than 100 movies.

Nevertheless, even if she was good in her career, it does not mean that she is good at relationships. It’s still a mystery for a lot of people if she is married or not. Well, let’s take a look deeper into her personal life.

Ini Edo – is she married?

She never revealed her marital status to anyone. It’s not a surprise! She was pretty protective about her personal life for quite a while.

There were also some rumors that she was dating Stanley Uzochukwu. He is a young oil millionaire. At the same time, this young guy didn’t confirm that he was dating Ini Edo. Who is the secret lover of this famous lady then? The asserts that Ini Edo is in love with a married man again. That can be the whole reason for her protective behavior.

On January 2, 2017, information about Ini Edo was all over social media. It reported that the actress was in love with an Abia-born millionaire. Another rumor also stated that Ini Edo had a romance or even was married to an elderly politician.

The IG leaked chat provided the reports that the famous star has been wearing the ring since July of 2016.

Still, without any hard evidence, the above-mentioned information about Ini Edo marriage might be just a rumor.

Ini Edo divorce

If rumors about her marriage may only stay the rumors, her divorce was the real thing! Philip Ehiagwina was her first husband.

Philip Ehiagwina and Ini Edo started dating back in 2007. They married in 2008 and divorced in 2014.


There are many rumors about the situation in the family of the famous actress. In 2014, the Vanguard even posted the investigation on the situation around her. The main reason for their divorce might be the distance between these two people. She had to refuse a lot of interesting propositions to stay with her husband. She traveled across the ocean several times a year to be with him.

According to the Vanguard, Phillip threatened Ini Edo, and he was even spotted with another girl. At the same time, there were also rumors that Ini Edo was dating another guy for that time. It was obvious that their marriage was about to collapse and the reports about the domestic violence made the situation worse. They split up in 2014 and haven’t seem to meet each other since then.

The ex-wife of Phillip was one of the first who commented on the divorce tale. The whole idea of her message was “I told you…”

Is Ini Edo Married? It’s still a question without an answer. There are rumors that she is married and other rumors that she is not. The point here is that she doesn’t want to reveal her personal life. She neither denies nor confirms the rumors about her marital status.

What is really important in this situation? Ini Edo just needs to be happy and everyone needs to let her be. What do you think? Sound off in comment below.

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