Flutterwave: Nigerian Facing A Life Threats In Uganda Over Witness Protection Failure.

An Anonymous Story with proof to validate it was shared to us.

“I am sharing this because if anything is to happen to me it is because I was left unattended and being ignored for working as an undercover for a payment system Co-founded by Nigerians.

The payment system had a breach in their system earlier this year by a group of fraudsters which cost them over 30 million Naira. I started an investigating their activities on my own after getting a proof of their fraudulent activities, I contacted the payment system and I started communicating with two people representing the payment system via Telegram. I informed them about everything I found out they appreciated my hardworking for what I did and for not taking the information to the Public.

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To cut is short we reached to a stage where by they want me to find out about how those people are getting into their system by being an Undercover for them and to possibly lure one among those guys to be in communication with them by making him believe they will have a mole in the payment system.

I started working on that without receiving any penny from them I got the identities of two people in the group where I shared it to them and I told them to provide me with something because I am running out of cash one of the representatives was happy for the information I gave them with proofs. He promised to get back to me on Monday that was on 19th July 2021 I gave them my account details expecting to hear from them but they cut off communication with me because they felt like they have gotten all they need to know. I once again reached out to the payment system via email narrating the whole story to them and the Names of the representatives. They included one among those representatives in our chat whom I believed to be the Boss which proved to me that they are really the ones I have been communicating with.

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My cover has been blown out due to their betrayal and I am facing threats to my Life. It is not too late for them to make it right but if anything is to happen to me or if they fail to provide what they promised to before next week Monday that’s 26th of July, 2021. I have distributed copies of our conversation to the people I trust to share it out to the Public. People need to know the truth and the conspiracies of the system they are using their hard earned money to.

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