Fool, Piss Piss for house, atoole- Angry Fans Blast Bobrisky

Bobrisky posted but Fans are not loving it at all. The male barbie who is acclaimed to be the most popular male snapchat user in nigeria took to his Instagram page to post with a caption:

Hey 👋 guys

But what he got in reaction wasn’t friendly. This comes moment after bobrisky claimes Nina was ungrateful, claims he spent over 700k on recharge cards and t-shirt, even went further to get him an Iphone…. etc

Below is what a fan responded:

FOOL !!! atòòlee!! Piss piss for house ! Did she beg u to spend money voting for her? Nooo, did she beg u for phone ? Noooo,.. She already thanked u long time ago and apologised publicly if she offended u in anyway!!! Muumuuu…. your beef should be with toyin, not ninaa. Go face toyin na, if u k ow you’re strong.. So @nina_ivy_ cannot associate or make friends with certain people because they’re ur enemies? U are mentally deranged. Go back to school and learn english, yes it’s not ur first lamguage, but u cannot keep constituting nuisance wi the ur poor grammar. Is it Nina that caused ur frustration? Is she the 1 that asked them to #DEPORT you? Olodo rekpètè. She apologized months ago and you told her u accepted. Fool. Is she ur gay boyfriend? Confused soul that can’t even decide of he’s a man or woman. Àtòòle

see other reactions below;

Fool, Piss Piss for house, atoole- Angry Fans Blast Bobrisky

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