Happy Birthday Actress Laide Bakare

Happy Birthday Actress Laide Bakare

Happy Birthday Actress Laide Bakare

Famous actress Laide Bakare is taking social media by storm as she marks a new age today, October 7th, Amebo9ja report.

Laide Bakare took to social media to celebrate her new age with jaw-dropping photos.

Laide wished herself, as well as, her birthday mates a happy birthday.

It’s officially my Birthday Happy New Year to me and my birthday mates”.


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Ahead of her birthday, Laide Bakare had teased a new book.

The beautiful mother of three in anticipation of her day had shared several stunning raunchy photos, as well as announced her new project.

Laide Bakare also teased about the launch of her highly anticipated book, How to make millions in 6 months.

The actress urged her fans to let her be if they see her happy.
“It’s the last slide for me you?, If you see ME HAPPY, just let ME. I truly deserve it. It’s my Birthday Tomorrow Guys, pls wish ME well #October7th baby Permit me to flood your timeline. (#ONBECOMINGLAIDEBAKARE, HOW TI AMKE MILLIONS IN 6 MONTH) is dropping soon… Can’t wait to share with you. Thankful to God for making Me see another year, in advance to I LOVE my Glam Team that came through for my shoot at shortest notice”

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