How to Properly Market Your Product to the World

How to Properly Market Your Product to the World

How to Properly Market Your Product to the World

Let’s start with the fact that the offered product has its own terms of “life”: birth – promotion to the market, growth – a period of stable systematically growing sales of services or goods, maturity – well sold, well-known, recession – the market is saturated with goods. Each period is characterized by its own promotional activities. At first glance, they will look similar, but if you dig deeper, the differences become noticeable:

1. At the stage of introducing a product on the market, work should be carried out to form the USP of the product, its competitive advantages or characteristics of services. Actively work with the audience, carry out branding online.
2. At the growth stage, in addition to the above, work on web analytics is added to strengthen and accelerate the promotion. The level of conversion is monitored, bottlenecks are eliminated. A safety cushion is being created in case it is necessary to order contextual advertising services at the stage of recession.
3. The level of maturity is characterized by the need for further work on the branding of the site and the services offered.
4. The recession level requires entering new groups of the target audience in the network, respectively, the product will be promoted to new sales markets, and product promotion will start anew.

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How to Properly Market Your Product to the World

Analysis of the Target Audience and Competitive Environment

Even before the product is launched on the market, it is necessary to perform several actions. We will not consider technical issues such as creating a website, buying a domain name, etc. Suppose that we are talking about a product that is already presented on a site that has its own showcase for selling products and a corresponding list of services.

1. Get as close as possible to potential consumers of your products or services online. Compose a portrait of your average customer. A character who has a gender, age, a certain level of wealth, social status, with his own fears, beliefs, moral and ethical values, family or without, etc.
2. Evaluate the competitive environment in terms of “Why is my product better?”, write down how competitors are promoting their product, what product characteristics they indicate, what range of related services they provide, etc.
3. Based on the first two points, create a unique selling proposition for your product or service on the Internet. Include in it those features that, on the one hand, characterize your product, distinguish it from competitors’ ones, and on the other hand, solve the problem of buyers, work with their fears, give some pleasant emotions, and entertain.
4. Develop a “voice”. How content is presented online can be different: emotionally, dryly, concisely, in detail, rudely, affectionately, cherishingly, toughly. Depending on which audience you are targeting, write a description of the tone in which you will communicate with it.

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Branding and Working with Forums

After the work on the site is established, you can start attracting an additional audience, bypassing the search results. This is best done for free via social media and forums. At the stage of analyzing the target audience, you may have already found those sites online where your target audience is represented especially well. Register your accounts there, carefully fill in the profiles, build yourself a reputation as an expert for some time. Plan to post some particularly good content that might be useful and interesting to your visitors.

Collecting a Subscriber Database

If your site has not yet implemented a subscriber data collection algorithm, troubleshoot this omission. Offer a notification of new promotions, a free book, or admission to valuable video content. Prepare a series of email newsletters, for which designate the goals: collecting data about the target audience, identifying errors on the site, inviting them to enter into direct dialogue, establishing contact, solving problems in the lives of users, and so on.

Building a Product Promotion Strategy

After all the preliminary information has been collected, you can proceed to plan the product promotion process. First, write down the goal you want to achieve. It must clearly indicate the timing of implementation and be expressed in numbers. Plan intermediate goals, that is, write intermediate results in monthly increments. Do the same for weekly and daily results. The more specific your action plan is, the better.

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Highlight the main areas of work to be done:

● website optimization,
● conversion optimization,
● web analytics,
● work with forums and social networks,
● collection of subscriber data,
● preparation of viral content, etc.

For each area, write down the actions you plan to take. For instance, working with content:

● creating a content calendar,
● analysis of the content available on the site,
● optimizing it for key queries,
● assessment for compliance with user expectations,
● quality of design,
● analysis of the content on competitors’ websites,
● working with content on forums, etc.

Rank the actions in order of importance (analysis of the content available on the site should be before optimization for key queries) and write down the dates by which you plan to close this aspect. If the case is too big, split it into smaller pieces. For instance, analyzing content on competitors’ sites fits perfectly into the task of analyzing one competing site daily. Review your work plan weekly; if necessary – adjust and supplement it. The main thing is to move slowly but persistently towards the intended goal.


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