Bobrisky does not seem to surprise everyone with some noticeably attention.

The male Nigeria cross dresser posted she was given Tonto fans some cash price just to show the bond they both have sister hmm.

Well bobrisky have severally being called gay though till date still denies it but the fact is so visible as of present she has started taking the female hormone drug and her chest region has started growing as breast.

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Tonto dikey in August, 2010 was in alleged lesbianism with Ini Edo not just that also in Jan 2014 this time over house girl what more even last year July with an Abuja based fashion designer.

Tonto denied the claims though but with what we are observing they might…. If you know you know.

#Lobatan! Bobrisky Calls Tonto Dikey Sister, Even Giving Out Cash To Her Fans

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