Lyrics: Sirfresh–Respek on my name refix ft Yung6ix x DjTimmy

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Intro: yo mehn is your boy Sirfresh Semi, swagger lomo, Dj Timmy scrash it scrash it. They can’t disrespect us mehn 6ix tell them. 👇

Chorus: like wo wo wo wo wo wo wo/ wo wo wo wo wo wo wo/ 2x

I told this niggaz they should put some respect on my name (Respek on my name)/ i told this niggaz they should put some respect on my name (Respek on my name) 2x

Sirfresh Verse: I am that I am, that is me on this rap game. Me/ am so insane psychiatric reject Me/ blood on my mouth when ever I spit/ respect on my name every track on repeat/ am sick on the mic know doctor can treat me/ am so posses TB Joshua can’t deliver me/ am an Edo boy have got the spirit of an hustler/ me am too bad o, lyrical jehova/ am just a young boy with a million experience/ my passion for rap music that is the difference/ respect on my name or you choose to go cautious/ I hate fake niggas and all of those pretence/ 6ix am sorry if this will border you, cuz am about to steal the crown as the king of the south/ collect your money perform for your show/ me and 6ix two king from the south/ killing this niggas I swear know doubt/ if you still hating this is for you. (Trigger sound) that’s a bullet on your brain/ billionaire ambition/ that’s my intention/ cuz we all know money is relevant.

Chorus: like WO WO wo WO WO WO / WO WO WO WO wo WO/ 2x

I told this niggaz they should put some Respek on my name/(Respek on my name) I told this niggaz they should put some Respek on my name/ (Respek on my name) 2x

Verse 2 (Yung6ix verse) – Respek on my name, Respek on my name, Respek on my name, that’s 21 character and now my nigga tell his niggas pls just put some Respek on my chain/ Respek on my game/ we are not one in the same/ we are not one in the same/ am pooping in things/ something like 50 in Brooklyn they loyal I got geez in my uni they popping the thing/ hold it up switch it up, give me kush twist it up/ give me bottles don’t give me cups/ dollars bills in God we trust/ give me format guy don’t give me jobs/ give me tools guy don’t give me talks/ give me wisdom, give me truth, give me love, just be real, and that’s it all/ cuz people rise and people fall/ and people grind and people ball/ get all the zolly and the scars I want it all/ am a young boy with big dreams/ I turn my small circle to a big team/ use to be the young boy in a big teams/ true with my religion always with my big jeans/ that’s o..

DJ Timmy outtro: eyo Dj cut the music, yo is your boy baddest Dj and am hanging with the king of the south yung6ix, our duals be like sim card, e dey your phone, you done see am? U need to put some Respek on my name, respect my team, respect my game, put some respect on my chain, billionaire ambitions, private jet lifestyle, we are here for the money fuck the fame/ see they don’t want us to have 10 cars like Prince Neffi, they want us broke for the rest of our life is not possible/ they don’t want us to rock q Benz/ they don’t want us to smoke OG, this niggas hate us like Jesus on the street, this niggas be looking like Judas Iscariot, where’s is your carrot? (Hahahaha) we going be here till you love us like your dreams, we ain’t promoting violence at the same time we ain’t promoting silence, KKTBM world wide, sally on the beat, e done clear abi u need antenna? Shuuu.

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