Midwife ‘sells’ week-old baby for N250,000

A midwife, Regina Ibeto, 50, has been arrested by the police in Lagos for allegedly selling a-week-old baby for N250,000.

Ibeto, who was arrested on May 23, at her 96, Bunmi Ajakaye Street, Ajangbadi, was paraded yesterday with the buyer, Udoju Chukwunoye, 45, and the middleman, Joy James.

According to the police, Ibeto usually induced expected mothers and once they are delivered of their babies, she sold them off.

Police Commissioner Imohimi Edgal said the command received information on the suspected baby factory, adding that when detectives from Ajagbandi Division stormed the place, Ibeto was caught administering intravenous injection (drip) to another expectant mother.

Edgal said:

“The suspect was found administering drip to one Uju Nnamdi, who claimed to be sick and five-month pregnant. When a search was conducted, a set of drip-water bags and other related drugs were recovered.

“Ibeto confessed upon interrogation that she is not a medical doctor but a traditional birth attendant. She said on May 18, one Bukky, 17, was induced and she delivered a baby boy, which was sold to Udoju Chukwunoye, 45, for N250, 000. The buyer was arrested, baby retrieved and taken to the hospital. The said mother, Bukky, is being trailed for possible arrest. Investigation is ongoing.”

Ibeto said she sold the baby because Bukky told her she was impregnated by her father.

The midwife said the boy’s mother rejected him, describing him as a product of abomination.

She said:

“I was at home when a lady brought Bukky, who was due for labour. She told me a pathetic story on how Bukky’s father put her in the family way and that Bukky wanted to abort the pregnancy because it was a product of abomination.

“I asked her if she really meant what she said and she answered in the affirmative. I weighed what she said and I saw reasons with her that it would be an abominable act if the public got to know. She was 16-year-old at that time, I felt that she was too young to carry the stigma.

“I now arranged for a woman, Udoji Chukwunoye, who was looking for a child to buy the baby. Luckily, Bukky delivered a boy and we sold him to Chukwunonye. I gave Bukky part of the money to start a new life and advised her to stay clear of her father. She left and Chukwunonye took the baby boy.

“I do not think I did anything bad as I was only offering assistance to the young girl, who was in a state of confusion. The police later came to arrest me, accusing me of inducing pregnant women to deliver.

“The police met a pregnant woman in my house, accusing me of trying to induce her in order to sell the baby in her womb. The police also accused me of impersonating as a medical doctor. I am not a medical doctor but a traditional birth attendant. I did not claim that I am a medical doctor. I was just doing my duty as a traditional birth attendant.”

According to the police, the victims were brought to Lagos without their parents’ consent.

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