Mike Tyson Wept Remembering His Last Time Seeing Tupac Shakur

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Mike Tyson Wept Remembering His Last Time Seeing Tupac Shakur

It’s been 22 years since the tragic passing of Tupac Shakur and the iconic rapper’s death still hits a sour note, especially to those that were close to him. Mike Tyson, who befriended the rapper a few years before his death, is one of the people who still finds it hard to talk about.

On Wednesday (Oct. 17), the former heavyweight champ sat down with Power 106’s Big Boy. The conversation quickly turned somber around the 23:33 mark when ‘Pac’s death was brought up, prompting Iron Mike to have to pause. He then briefly teared up before explaining his last moments with the rapper, who was shot in a drive-by shooting shortly after Tyson’s fight with Bruce Seldon on Sept. 6, 1996 in Las Vegas. Tupac was Tyson’s VIP guest on the night of the event.

“He was really happy after the fight,” Tyson said after clearing his throat. “He came to the press conference with me and was just talking a bunch of shit. Then, I went home and then he left.”

Tyson went on to say he was at home asleep when he got the call about Tupac being shot. He went to the hospital but was not allowed to see the rapper. All these years later, Tyson is clearly still touched by tragedy. “It’s very difficult to talk about. He was a young kid that really wanted to be great and that happened,” Tyson added.

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Tupac died seven days after being shot on Sept. 13, 1996. His death remains officially unsolved. The rapper’s ticket stub for the Tyson fight went up for auction in 2016.


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