Money is good oh! walahi See Video and Photo from The Wedding Of Fatima Dangote and Jamil Abubakar #FAMIL2018



Money is good oh! walahi .The Wedding Of Fatima Dangote and Jamil Abubakar #FAMIL2018 is super dope.Aliko Dangote went far and beyond to fete the world

Please count this report as a part one of this final, concluding part of this unbelievable wedding of the season bar none or even yet to come. Maybe when Cuppy or Temi Otedola or any of the ADENUGA kids, or even Davido decides to wed, maybe then we would see another humongous wedding of this magnitude.

We had thought that after spending at least ₦500 million for the #faaji2018, that no other wedding was going to be near it for sheer opulence, extravagance and what have you, but memnnnnnn…. this Dangote/ Abubakar wedding, was in a state, class or level of its own. Though some people had said you cannot compare government money with an individual’s own, but when this individual’s worth is far more than the government’s own what can one expect,…… but the best.

If we begin to mention the who-is-who that came, then we would continue listing till tomorrow and most likely wouldn’t have finished. This is probably one of the biggest crowd ever seen to converge at the expansive hall of Eko Hotel Convention Centre that had not come for a concert, but for a party, in fact a wedding at that. In fact apart from some concerts, this crowd easily outnumbered many that had held at the same venue and not to forget that this crowd was predominantly the creme de la creme of the Nigerian society and more from far and wide, not just the Lagos crowd.

Men and women of timber and caliber, of means and substance, of resources and wherewithal, gathered and sat or stood shoulder to shoulder, clinked glasses, back slapped, shook hands, had tete-a-tete, gossiped, laughed together and generally had a super great time together at the occasion.

The hall was transformed magnificently, remember this was an occasion hosted by one of the officially listed wealthiest men in the world, so money wasn’t or isn’t a problem, so it was put to good use. How much could Aliko have spent in all, when “Jide Omokore” a nouveau rich in his heydays spent not less than $8million dollars if not more, for his son’s wedding in Dubai? So how much would $10 million dollars have been for a whole ALIKOoooooo DANGOTEeeee?

We are yet to confirm some of the gifts that were supposedly shared out, but one of what we heard would most definitely be too good to be true, a Rolex each or even for any number of people would have been going overboard!

This Lagos leg would be an occasion to be remembered for a very long time and it has set a benchmark for the super rich already, so he or she that dares, let them come on board.

Jamil Abubakar  and Fatima Dangote
A quick one about the style adopted by the young husband, totally and wonderfully on point. Jamil can only be described as a dapper dude, his outfit was the perfect fit, not a yard too much, just very precise and on point, with the red socks peeping stylish under his black pant. Fatima’s white dress is just too angelic to describe. As per what it could have cost her? Leave that for the mind to conjure.

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