MOVIE: Belly (1998)

MOVIE: Belly (1998)

Belly (1998) Video Mp4 Download Movie

Two young friends involved in organized crime and drug dealing find that their priorities differ.

In 1999 Queens, New York City, young street criminals Tommy “Bunds” Brown and Sincere (“Sin”), along with associates Mark and Black, murder five people during a violent nightclub robbery. After celebrating with the gang, Sincere returns home to his girlfriend Tionne and infant daughter Kenya.

The following morning, Tommy asks Sincere to help him sell a new form of heroin. Sincere, who has begun having second thoughts about his life of crime, reluctantly agrees. Tommy then visits Ox, a wealthy Jamaican drug lord, who agrees to obtain the heroin on the condition that Tommy repay him with a favor at a later date.

In Mark’s grandmother’s basement, the gang convenes to discuss the nascent drug operation; one of Tommy’s associates, Knowledge, will be involved in the operation. Knowledge tells his friend Tommy over the phone that Black had been talking about robbing his friend Sincere to get his larger share of the loot from the nightclub. Way too enraged, Tommy forces Black to strip naked in front of the others, wildly firing warning shots with a handgun into the floor to make somebody like him do so.

The gang begins transporting heroin from Queens to Omaha, Nebraska, where they begin to overrun the local drug business. Big Head Rico, an Omaha dealer, informs the police of their activities. The resulting raid at their stash-house ends with Mark’s death and Knowledge’s arrest. Knowledge angrily realizes that Tommy will not bail him out of jail, and calls Shameek, a.k.a. Father Sha, to both infiltrate Rico’s gang and kill Tommy. At a strip club, Shameek drinks shots that Rico spiked with hallucinatory powder and, under the influence, blows his own cover by telling Rico that he was sent by Knowledge to take care of Rico. Rico gets up and informs his henchmen but is gunned down by Shameek as he tries to flee. Shameek is shot by the bartender and stumbles out of the club. He shoots at and evades the police.

Tommy travels to Jamaica and repays Ox by killing Sosa, the son of a local drug lord. Back home, Tommy’s girlfriend Keisha is arrested by police and later bailed out by Tionne. Tommy finds out about the raid and leaves town. Pelpa, a close friend of Sosa, finds out that Ox ordered the hit on Sosa. Pelpa sends a hit squad to kill Ox in his home. Ox kills most of the hitmen before dying at the hands of a female assassin.



Genre: Crime | Drama
IMDB Rating Live: 6.2/10
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10 From 11,569 Users
Rotten Rating: 20%
Metacritic Rating: 36
Directed by: Hype Williams
Starring: Nas , DMX , Taral Hicks

Release Name: Belly.1998.OAR.1080p.BluRay.x264-PiGNUS
Video: Mp4 | 1920×1036
Audio : English
Runtime: 1 h 36 min
Subtitles: English.


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