[Music] Kid Ink Ft. Wiz Khalifa – Big Burna

[Music] Kid Ink Ft. Wiz Khalifa – Big Burna

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Kid Ink Is A Big Burna With Wiz Khalifa

Kid Ink’s newest single might make you reach for a nearby lighter. The Los Angeles artist is known for mixing in smooth West Coast flows with more R&B sensibilities, and this song is a great example. Kid Ink tapped Pittsburgh MC Wiz Khalifa for his newest track “Big Burna,” a summery ode to rolling up and sparking. It’s great to hear Kid Ink again as of late, as his 2021 album ALIVE was his first studio album in six years.

Following singles like “Dead Wrong,” the 36-year-old is still building hype for his next album, Up & Away 2. Previously, he dropped ALIVE (Deluxe) earlier this year in January, which was hyped with tracks like “Fenty Secrets.” The industry veteran is still going strong and keeping up with singles, ten years after his debut.

Firstly, “Big Burna” is a smooth and sun-drenched track from a production standpoint. Chopped-up and chipmunked vocal samples sing the track’s title, which will probably remind listeners of producers like Mustard. Christmas might be just around the corner, but Kid and Wiz aren’t with that cold mood. Instead, dreamy synth pads make the main vocal melody sound all the more rich. Furthermore, some classic kick and clap patterns bounce all around the track. Then, the sharp bass comes in subtly, as well as some subtle laser hits that make “Big Burna” more colorful.

Bet you can’t guess what a Wiz Khalifa-assisted track called “Big Burna” is about. For what it’s worth, Kid Ink actually sticks to that lyrical focus quite skillfully. In fact, it’s exactly the kind of casual references and turns of phrases that match well with a song this fun. Moreover, Ink passes the blunt to the left and pleads not to mess the rotation up. He’s watching out for seeds, smelling like Carti when he walks in a room, and it being 4:20 on his Rollie.

Meanwhile, Wiz sounds right at home on this track. Surprisingly, though, the “Black and Yellow” star focuses on his romantic partner instead of his precious papers. Shockingly, there is but one reference to bud on his verse, which is about twisting up bomb weed. Nevertheless, he shows off the charisma and clear voice that have defined his career and artistry.

You can check out Kid Ink and Wiz Khalifa’s newest track on your preferred streaming service. Also, peep some standout bars from the single “Big Burna” below.

Quotable Lyrics

Ayy, reggie blunts, I just curve ’em
To the left, baby, don’t f**k the turn up
Ayy, frontos, no more Backwood
Yeah, out of Cali’, know the pack good



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