“Nigerians don’t lié unless they wanna Sçám you”~ Burna Boy

"Nigerians don't lié unless they wanna Sçám you"~ Burna Boy
“Nigerians don’t lié unless they wanna Sçám you”~ Burna Boy

Trevor Noah :”Nigerians are so unique people, Everytime I see the Big difference between Nigerians and other African people. Is just like every other African has a limited approach to life. South Africa will be like ” Hey, Trevor you doing well, how is things Going”. As a South African I am, my instinct Response will be like “hey man I’m trying,I’m doing okay.
That’s thesame thing with Kenyans. But Nigerians are different.

I have not met a Nigerian who’s gonna be like “I’m not kíllîñg it,if they’re killîñg it. they’re not gonna lie cuz the have that boldness in them “.

Bûrna Boy  ” Nigerians don’t liè unless they wanna sçám you.😁😁

What’s your say on this?


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