Oyekunle Opeyemi Oluwaremi professionally known as Kunle Remi is a Nigerian actor, producer, filmmaker, content creator, host, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and model

Oyekunle Opeyemi Oluwaremi professionally known as Kunle Remi is a Nigerian actor, producer, filmmaker, content creator, host, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and model
Oyekunle Opeyemi Oluwaremi professionally known as Kunle Remi is a Nigerian actor, producer, filmmaker, content creator, host, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and model

He was known for his appearance in Falling, Family Forever, Tinsel, and Aníkúlápó.

He won the 7th edition of Gulder Ultimate Search in 2010 while studying at the New York Film Academy, he was simultaneously hosting an Internet Television Channel, Celebville 360.

He made his first significant hosting appearance at the Academy Awards nomination event in Beverly Hills.

By 2012, he was cast in his first movie, Heavy Beauty, produced by Grace Edwin Okon and directed by Stanlee Ohikhuare. Though he graduated in 2014, he returned to study filmmaking and directing, and graduated in 2015.

On 5 February 2016, Any Other Monday was released.
It portrays the trials and tribulations of love and marriage.

Remi went on to star in a similar film – highlighting the stru.ggle and illusi0ns of love – which was released 9 September. Throughout the year, the actor starred in two television series.

The first, Lincoln’s Clan Evolution, de.picts a Nigerian billionaire and his family.
The actor played Eric and completed his role in 2017. The second is Tinsel, a Nigerian soap opera and Africa’s longest-surviving television series that began filming in 2008.

Remi was cast in 2016 as a day player and continued with his role of Zane into 2017.

Remi accepted various alternate roles throughout 2017. He took on the role of Lolu in Tiwa’s Ba.ggage, where he represented the stru.ggles of an aband0ned woman with a child.

On 12 April, Sobi’s My.stic was released; he played a slightly lighter role in this romantic drama.
Sobi, the actor’s character, finds his promiscu0us tendencīes land him in tr0uble when the woman he finds and becomes drawn to doesn’t recipr0cate his feelings.
Dīgging him deeper into who she is.

The film received a rating of 4/5 from the Nollywood Re.invented for its unpredictability and details.

On 24 July, Alter Ego was released.
Written by Jude Martins, the film tells the story of a lawyer who pr0secutes s£x offen.ders and the lengths she will go to find justice in whatever she sees fit. Yet, as a fellow victi.m herself, she is driven by her own se.xual drive and p0wer, no matter the time and place.

The film was nominated for Best Film with Social Messages and Film with Best Production Design at the Best of Nollywood Awards.
As well as leading roles, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Remi were nominated for Best Kīss in a Film.
In September, Surprise Wedding, telling the story of an arranged marriage.

Remi, who plays Tunde, is surprised on his birthday with a wedding rather than a birthday party.

He is f0rced to walk the ai.sle as his inheri.tance is tied to his marital status. To finish off his diverse on-screen roles, the actor took on the br.east can.cer awareness film Purple Hearts.

Remi began his year starring in Stronger Together, as Jide, a pedia.trician who contemplates sui.cide due to his family press.uring him into marriage.

This leads to a la.te-night sorr0wing session in a bar and meeting a new connection that could very much alter his path.
By 3 February, F0rbidden was released and was a hit. The actor played a role in this television series that follows f0rbidden lovers who are outed by an ex.

The Eve, released on 30 March 2018, was considered “the most colorful and beautiful shot film,” with an eye-pleasing cast.

The romantic comedy features Remi as Audu and Adeolu Adefarasin as Funsho. The storyline follows Funsho’s ris.ky decisions when he meets someone else at his bachelorette party.

The film appeared on Netflix on 12 October 2020.

Remi starred in Boys Will Be Boys, released on 14 February, where Mike li.es to his soon-to-wed wife about the wild bachelor party that comes back to ha.unt him.

On the same day, S.in City was released. He and co-star Yvonne Nelson play a couple who decide a vacation is the best way to boost their relationship but are tested in unexpected ways. While he played significant roles in these productions, G0ld Stat.ue, released on 17 May 2019, had the actor leading alongside Gabriel Afolayan.

Director Tade Ogidan, CEO of OGD Pictures, came out of an eight-year hiatus to see the project through after it was written in 1991.

It was nominated for an Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Nigerian Film, and won Best Actor in a Lead role, Best Sound, and Best Use of Makeup and of Nigerian Costume in a film.

It was also nominated for Best Movie of The Year, Director of the Year and Best Production Design.

The film follows Wale (Afolayan) and Chike (Remi) who go in search of the treasured g0ld sta.tue which is believed to be a dei.ty inherited by their generation.

Quag.mire, released 3 December, was another film Remi starred in alongside actress Matilda Obaseki. The actor’s character, Kolade, receives a shocking surprise when his wife invites another woman into their home to spice up their love life. This was considered a great acting piece as he was able to let the “character shine through him.

Despite the c0ronavirus pan.demic starting, Remi featured in lead or supporting roles in upwards of 14 films.
His first significant role was in JOCA (Just A Call Away) which was a push to help those needing to exercise the necessary precautions during the pan.demic.

Remi plays Richard who has just come home from overseas and is showing sympt0ms of the vi.rus.

His pregnant wife, played by Bolaji Ogunmola, is worried and wants him to be properly tested, but he would rather trust the Lord’s help than take responsibility. The short 35-minute film looked to help those in is0lation centers and bring ease to the process needing to take place.

Mama Drama is considered one of the actor’s top ten films.

The Nigerian drama film hosts a mecca of film stars and expl0res the experience of a woman who undergoes many misca.rriages and hires her assistant as her surr0gate.

Later that month, Remi co-produced and was a part of fellow Nollywood actress, Joy Idoko, new film Lemonade. The actress turned producer, wan.ted to highlight t0xic relationships as a single mother in following her dreams.

With plenty of short film experience, 12 Seasons was another notch on his belt as the movie highlights the struggles of newlywed couples. However, his role in Introducing the Kujus (now streaming on Amazon Prime Video) grossed ₦10 million[14] and went on to win Best Writing at the 2022 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards.

The Prophetess, released on 2 April, follows Ajoke the prophetess and his Lagos-based OAP, Dipo, played by Remi.

His first major film of the year was Gone. Initially screened at the Calgary Black Film Festival

It officially came out to the public on 16 July 2021. In his first Netflix film, the actor plays a supporting role as a stockbr0ker.

The film is considered one of the best in Nollywood for 2021. Though his following role, as playboy turned lover Akinola ‘Owoblow’ Owolabi, would give him a run for his money.

Letters show the back.lash sleeping around can get you. Once all the women got together to shame his name, a public relations agent (PR) must help him fix himself. The Nollywood crime thriller Hide and Seek, directed by Tolu Awobiyi and Adekunle-Bryan Oyetunde, follows Remi’s lead role as James.

Later that month April Showers was released. Currently out on Amazon Prime Video, the film sits at a 4.5/5 rating and was enjoyed by its audience.

His first Christmas film, A Naija Christmas by Kunle Afolayan, was released on 16 December and was Remi’s first official leading role in a Netflix original film.

The actor plays Ugo, one of three brothers who have been sent into a competition by their mother’s wish. Who can find a wife first?

Throughout the year, Remi landed roles in Saint Oyinda, Borrowed Wealth, Treasury, the television series Des.erted, and Anikulapo.

Saro, played by Remi, is a simple traditional textile weaver who becomes inter.twined with Queen Arolake who is played by previous co-star Bimbo Ademoye. In its first week, it became one of the top 10 films in 24 countries on Netflix, and was listed as the number one film in Nigeria in its first week.

On top of this, the movie was awarded with Best Indigenous Language (Yoruba), Best Overall Movie, Best Sound Editor (Movie/TV series), Best Writer (Movie/TV series), and Best Sound Track (Movie/TV series) at the 2023 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMCVA).

The actor finished the year with the release of the cri.me thriller Woke, released on 4 November.

The movie is about a P.I.’s mission to retrieve the kid.napped daughter of a renowned Kingpin.

On 23 December, Ijakumo was released. The story follows the daughter of a p0werful spirit.ualist, Asabi, who is going to destr0y her ex’s life. Remi plays the sh.ady Pastor Jide, who she is trying to destr0y.

Remi is a great talent
Let’s Celebrate him

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