See What Oge Kate Does For A Living And Yet Still Slays

Oge Kate is an ebonyi state university girl who resorted to making her own garri after garri became expensive. Hope you remembered her??

Right now Oge Kate has graduated from Ebonyi State University in the department of history and international relations. As a bright student she was, she seems to be among the best graduating students in her class.

Going with the trend in Nigeria,as it is difficult for one to get employed after school. but instead of kate staying at home idle while she looks for a good job.
Rather she chose to keep herself busy with this lucrative business which most of you are not aware of which is CHARCOAL BUSINESS.

Most readers would be amazed by this type of business but let me bring to your notice that charcoal has played a very vital role in our daily activities, directly or indirectly, as ogechukwu kate recently posted on her facebook wall the importance of charcoal.

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She equally made it known that a lot of people had been buzzing her asking her how to engage in the business.
We should always be industrious as we should not always rely on the government for our daily means of survival become an entrepreneur today.
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Wow!!! Hardwork pays!!
Or what do you think?

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