Sexting With Your Ex– Good idea or not?

There is a lot of debate over whether texting an ex post-breakup is a positive idea in the long run. Some relationship experts steadfastly maintain that texting after a breakup is never advisable. Others argue that texts can be a crucial part of the puzzle in winning an ex back for good, and claim that it’s silly to ignore one of the most valuable tools that is literally at your fingertips. When it comes to sexual texts, however, the argument gets even hotter day after day.

First of all, it is possible to arouse your ex through texts and to reignite the fire of passion that the two of you once shared? It’s easy to lower your inhibitions when you don’t have to look at someone face-to-face. It’s also easier to allow yourself to go with the flow when receiving a text in a way that, in other circumstances, may seem atypical.

Your ex is over-thinking everything immediately following the breakup, and you want to push past that mental roadblock. Sexual messages can make that desire a reality by engaging your ex on a deeper, physical manner. Michael Fiore wrote an EBook that clearly points to the fact that exciting or arousing an ex through texts is not only possible, it’s a great way to move things forward in a more positive manner. Excuses and justifications simply don’t come into play when you’re thinking about things physically – not rationally.

Don’t immediately start typing out the first thing that comes to mind without taking a moment to come up with a roadmap. Did you and your ex just break up? If so, now is not the time to be sending texts of a sexual nature. In order for these types of messages to work, they need to be timed correctly – and ideally that means that you and your ex have already been in touch and are conversing on a friendly and polite manner.

The way to bring these types of messages into play varies depending on your gender and the gender of your former partner. If you’re a woman trying to win back an ex-boyfriend, you want to use all of your talents to their full, teasing potential. You don’t want to give him the ultimate satisfaction however. Leave him wanting more by pulling back at the correct moments. His hunter instinct will kick in, and the chase will begin all over again.

If you’re a guy who wants to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend, you need to approach things from a different angle – and it may not be an easy adjustment to make. The key for you is to take things slowly and not rush. Use descriptive words and scenarios as much as possible. You want your ex-girlfriend to anticipate the next sentence and allow the tension to slowly and gradually build. Women love a good story, and a well-thought-out scenario goes a lot farther than a simple image does. While a picture may say a million words in the male-mind, the female brain is simply hardwired differently.

Lets your your thought on this if you think texting your ex is a good idea or not.

Give us the good reasons and bad reasons if any.

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