Ten Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram 2022. Number 2 Will Shock You

Ten Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram 2022. Number 2 Will Shock You
Ten Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram 2022. The second place would wow you.

We bring you the most Followed Celebrities On Instagram for 2022. Wow it’s quite amazing to know Cristiano Ronaldo is topping the list following is Kylie Jenner. Wow!! Sometimes last year Ariana Grande was top 2 followed by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

Well relax and enjoy the article below.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 477M


Often referred to as the G.O.A.T of football, Manchester United has become the first male celebrity, as well as, the first person ever to surpass 400 Million followers on Instagram.

Considering his successful 22 years career in football, breaking all kinds of records, this milestone is well-deserved.

2. Kylie Jenner – 368 M

Ten Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram 2022. Number 2 Will Shock You

The American socialite, Businesnesswoman, reality tv star, and last of the Jenner girls is the second person on this prestigious list. Kylie had an early successful start and is close to out shinning her sister, Kim Kardashian.
The mother of 2 recently hit 300 million followers and in a matter of weeks, has added a whopping 9 million followers.
As of 2022, Kylie Cosmetics is estimated to be worth $1 Billion.
The 24-year old welcomed her 2nd child, with her boyfriend, Travis Scott on the 2nd of February, 2022.

3. Lionel Messi – 358 M

Ten Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram 2022. Number 2 Will Shock You

Also another football G.O.A.T. Matter of factly, there have been arguments and comparisons between he and Cristiano Ronaldo about who is greater.
Anyways, the amazing news is that they both get to be on this list with 306 million Instagram followers.

4. Selena Gomez – 344M

Ten Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram 2022. Number 2 Will Shock You

American actress and singer, Gomez closely follows Dwayne Johnson on the list of the top 10 most followed celebrities on Instagram with also 296 million followers.
Selena has been in the music industry and is arguably one of the most loved celebrities in the entertainment industry. She is also popular for being the voice of Mavis in the movie – Hotel Transylvania.

5. Dwayne Johnson – 335M

Ten Most Followed Celebrities On Instagram 2022. Number 2 Will Shock You

Dwayne Johnson, widely known as The Rock due to his physic and movie roles has a massive following of 296 million people.

In addition to his successful movie career, he gets to hit this wonderful milestone. He is currently the highest paid actor for 3 consecutive years now (2019-2021).

6. Ariana Grande – 329M

Ariana, an American vocalist, and actress used to be the most followed Instagram female celebrity but got pushed to 3rd place by Kylie and her colleague, Selena Gomez.
Ariana is popular for a series of shows on Nickelodeon, as well as her powerful vocals. She recently got engaged.

7. Kim Kardashian – 329M

Kim Kardashian is the 2nd Kardashian sister on the list, after Kylie Jenner. She’s an American socialite, lawyer, and businesswoman.
Kim got popular for her sex tape scandal with Ray Jay many years ago but was able to turn her life around positively regardless.
Currently, she is one of the most successful females in the American entertainment industry.

8. Beyoncé – 274 M

Of course, the almighty Queen Bee made the list. Beyoncé Knowles is an American vocalist and one of the top Grammy Award-winning artists in the industry.
It feels just like yesterday when she hit 100 million followers on Instagram. 5 years down the line, we are back to celebrating another milestone.
The mother of 3 has been as relevant as can be since the days of destiny’s child and still is. It’s such a blessing to have such people influence society greatly.

9. Khloe Kardashian – 269M

The Kardashians are really rocking this list as Kardashian’s sister has popped up for the 3rd time and it also sealing the list coming at number 10.
It is of common knowledge that the Kardashians are one of the most powerful as Khloe Kardashian takes the last spot on the list.
Khloe is an American socialite, CEO of Goof American Jean, a fitness coach, and mum to a cutie, Trie Thompson.
Although she has been married in the past, she has also had her fair share of heartbreaks from her exes, and baby daddy, Trie Thompsowho never fails to disrespect her through his infidelity.
Nonetheless, Khloe is doing beautifully well, and has been described as her sister, Kylie is the most gracious of all her sisters.

10. Justin Bieber – 255 M

Justin Bieber is number 9 on the list of the top 10 most followed Instagram celebrities with 220 million followers.
We have watched Justin’s evolvement over the years and it has to be one of the most inspirational growth rates ever recorded.
Justin, who is now married to model, Hailey Beiber recently jumped on the remix to the official song of 2021 summer, Essence featuring Tems and Wizkid which topped charts in a lot of countries.
Although the minority thought it was unnecessary for the song to have a remix, we loved it still.

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