Promote Your Song On Amebo9ja

Promote Your Song On Amebo9ja

In over two years of making Nigerian songs downloadable with just one click, Amebo9ja has built a community of Nigerian music lovers, regular visitors, and a formidable fan base. Amebo9ja currently ranks among the top music websites globally and in Nigeria.

Currently Amebo9ja is ranking as the No.8 Top 30 Nigerian Music Blogs and also in the whole of Africa we rank as No.37 Top 100 African Music Blogs and Websites for African Music

We at Amebo9ja understand the struggle in the Nigerian music industry and we will love to play our own role in making young talented singers in Nigeria realize their potentials at ease and at an affordable cost.

Therefore we drafted these highly affordable music promotion plans for Up and coming Nigerian musicians so that while we promote your songs we can still keep our blog up and running from the affordable fees that we accrue from song promotions.

Two types of song promotion on Amebo9ja

(1) Song Upload

(2) Pin To Home Page

See a detailed explanation of each category and its individual condition.

(1) Song Upload

Promotion Package:
The song will be uploaded on our website for Users to download and will also include links to streaming platforms (like Apple Music, Spotify, Audiomack, etc) if provided.

₦3,000 one time fee

No condition


(2) Pin on Homepage

Promotion Package:
Your song will be pinned on our Homepage and will be the first thing our users see each time they visit the website homepage.

Please Note:

This is a supplementary promotional package as the first promotion plan ‘Song Upload’ mentioned above is needed firstly in other to go for this plan.

For this Promotion Plan, There are 3 Catrgories

Category 1: 

Mini Music Promotion:- With 10,000 Naira, Your Song is Pinned on Home Page For 1week and that can give your song 200,000 downloads on AMEBO9JA in a month without hype

Category 2:

Standard Music Promotion:- With 25,000 Naira, Your Song is Pinned on Home Page for Two weeks and that can give your song not less than 390,000 downloads on AMEBO9JA in a month with hype on 3 Other Popular Music Blogs

Category 3:

Professional Music Promotion:- With 50,000 Naira, Your song is pinned on Home page for 3 weeks and that can give your song not less than 700,000 downloads in a month with hype on 5 other Popular Music Blogs

Conditions For All Categories


(1) Song Artwork must be of high quality and free from nudity, Blood (Should not display harm to human or animals)



  1. We are top 8 Music blog in Nigeria and Top 37 in Africa (See Proof)
  2. Amebo9ja has at least 4000 plus people checking Amebo9ja music site everyday from music lovers proves below
  3. Remember, a good song without a good promotion is a big shit! We’ve millions of Fans home & abroad, let’s help you get your song/video to Million of Nigerians around the world easily.
  4. Want massive Downloads/Views for your new materials? We’ve Loyal Fans following our Music Section and Updates daily.
  5. We offer many other Promotional packages that will make your new song or next one a big hit song.
  6. We are professionals when it comes to music promotion, we’ve got good experts and teams

Are you a MusicianRecord Label Owner or Artiste/Brand Manager?

Come let’s bring your song globally on our Platform and Experience the true effectiveness of Internet promotion you can’t get elsewhere except on Amebo9ja.

Since February 2nd 2018 when Amebo9ja music blog kicked off we have been growing rapidly on our views and millions of music lovers have been checking out website on a daily basic.



The year 2020 has been a massive increase in our views and fans base have increased drastically

August Analytics shows we had close 700, 000 page views while in last Three Months from June-August 1.77million page views.

Below is the top ten countries checking AMEBO9JA site per day:

  1. Nigeria
  2. South Africa
  3. Ghana
  4. United State
  5. Tanzania
  6. Uganda
  7. Kenya
  8. Zambia
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Cameroon

Invest in your music career, because there is no way you can become a star, or get good record deals from record labels if you don’t promote your music(s)

Starting at ₦3000

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phone number: +2348161806194

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