City on Fire Season 1 Episode 4

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 4

City on Fire Season 1 Episode 4 Video Mp4 Download Movie

The crime series City on Fire has debuted with three installments on Apple TV+. In the third chapter, “The Family Business,” detectives investigate the attempted murder of Samantha Yeung (Chase Sui Wonders), focusing on awkward teenager Charlie (Wyatt Oleff) as their lead suspect.

In the other subplots, the band initiates Charlie, William (Nico Tortorella) is given an intervention, and other suspects enter the fray. It’s another mediocre episode, elevated by some tantalizing plot twists in the final moments. Here’s what happened in City on Fire Season 1, Episode 3:

  • Detective Parsa interviews the bouncer at the gig and then Samantha’s father. All the clues lead toward Charlie.
  • Charlie wakes in the band’s base. He thinks he’s been kidnapped, but they are concerned that he knows too much about their secret crimes. Charlie tells them about Samantha and the shooting.
  • The band agrees to help Charlie investigate this attempted murder. The band’s leader, Nicky, helps Charlie to forgive himself for the whole incident.
  • William dines with his gallerist Bruno, who wants new artwork. Unfortunately, William hasn’t made any progress because of his addiction. Mercer and Bruno decide to throw William an intervention.
  • Charlie socializes with the band members and performs chores to win over their trust.
  • Detective Parsa finds Charlie’s photo, and the bouncer confirms that he was the teen at the gig.
  • Regan attends William’s intervention. He lashes out at his loved ones and storms off.
  • Regan is late for an emergency board meeting. Amory takes over as the interim CEO after forcing Regan’s dad to retire.
  • Keith investigates Samantha’s shooting himself. Flashbacks explore their affair and Keith’s seedy secret lives.
  • The band initiates Charlie into the group, persuading him to burn down a derelict building.
  • Charlie’s photograph is on the news; he is now a person of interest in Samantha’s case. His mother phones the police.
  • Keith visits Samantha’s old dorm. He now realizes just how young Samantha is. Her roommate contacts the detectives.
  • Keith meets with Amory in the park. Keith worries that his secret is going to go public. Amory hints that he knew about the affair and sorted it out, implying that he was involved in Samantha’s shooting.


  • Charlie is the detective’s prime suspect, while Amory is surely the audience’s lead suspect. The police will bring Charlie in for questioning. Meanwhile, Amory will continue to grow in power, revealing more of his sinister plotting in private.
  • Keith is now caught up in Amory’s crimes; he will be forced to turn himself in or go along with the cover-up. Keith seems to be the cowardly type; I think he will choose the latter.
  • The band will continue to burn down buildings in the city, now with Charlie’s help. However, they may distance themselves from the teen when he is arrested.
  • Mercer and William will split up. William will rejoin the band. His drug addiction will only worsen

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