Did Hilary Duff slams ‘disgusting’ sex trafficking rumors?

Did Hilary Duff slams ‘disgusting’ sex trafficking rumors?
Did Hilary Duff slams ‘disgusting’ sex trafficking rumors?

What a tweet! Did Hillary Duff just fired back at rumors that claims she and her children are involve in sex trafficking?

Enjoy the ride lets pulse and take a look at the tweet below

Duff, 32, began trending on Twitter early Saturday morning after being accused of partaking in sex trafficking based on an Instagram video she posted of 8-year-old son Luca laying down nude. Duff has since deleted the post.

In a follow-up clip, the “Younger” actress acknowledges that she posted her son in the buff: “Someone pointed out on Instagram that I did a nude of him, which I did, so we covered that up with sticker,” she said while briefly flashing the pic once more.

While many saw the photo as nothing more than a cute family pic, others went so far as to imply something far more sinister could be going on behind closed doors.

“The fact that ppl are saying theres nothing wrong with the picture is a reason why celebs will never get caught trafficking their kids,” wrote one follower, with another adding, “I have photos of my kids “first baths” and all that on my PRIVATE friends and fam only Facebook. And all anyone sees is a little bit of the top of a butt crack. BUT THATS NOT A BABY it’s and entire child. After about 18 months, nah cut it out.”

“Everyone bored af right now I know..but this is actually disgusting,” replied Duff to those accusing her endangering her own children. “whoever dreamed this one up and put this garbage into the universe should take a break from their damn phone. Maybe get a hobby.”

What do you have to say to her reactions?

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