Favorite songs of famous football players

Favorite songs of famous football players

Favorite songs of famous football players

Almost everything is known about celebrities from the world of football in our time: from height and weight to the number of cars in a personal garage. I offer another curious column in the dossier of some football stars – their musical preferences.


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Andres Iniesta

The Spanish midfielder is delighted with the British group «Kasabian». In one of his interviews, Andres said that the song of the English indie rock band «Club Foot» became literally «marching» for the Spanish team at the victorious 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Iniesta also conveyed a message to the British through the media: «If they ever find themselves in Barcelona, don’t worry about hotel rooms – I’m ready to invite them to my home, show all my trophies and drink a couple of glasses of beer».

Cristiano Ronaldo

The reigning star of the Saudi Arabian Championship has a lot of favorite artists, ranging from club projects like Swedish House Mafia and Eric Prydz to more classic choices like Phil Collins, Elton John and George Michael. But, according to people close to Ronaldo, Cristiano’s most favorite performer is Alicia Keys, whose work Ronaldo is crazy about.

David Beckham

It is not difficult to guess about Beckham’s musical tastes – of course he likes the work of his wife! But, as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who played with the English legend at PSG, told the whole world in confidence, Becks is also «dragging» from modern pupil’s idols: Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers. Well, David’s excuse is that he has so many school-age kids – maybe dad just doesn’t have a choice.

Lionel Messi

The Argentinean star, in his spare time from breaking records, listens to music in the genre of «cumbia» – originated in Colombia and Panama, and now terribly popular in Latin America. If we talk about personalities, then Leo has the singer Sergio Torres in high esteem. Moreover, the football player and musician have known each other personally for almost ten years, and Sergio even wrote a song dedicated to Messi – called «The Eighth Wonder of the World».

Mario Gotze and Marco Reus

Both Germans are terrible fans of Justin Bieber, and everyone should know about this shame! Seriously though, young kids have a right to listen to this sort of music, especially since Gotze has other musical justifications: Snoop Dog, Lil’ Wayne and The Black Eyed Peas. It’s not all that bad anymore.


This guy is a big fan of Brazilian music, he supports, so to speak, a «domestic producer». Everyone remembers the duo «Baby Ney» and the famous Brazilian singer Michel Tello, who together performed the famous (and rather “quick” then) song «Ai Se Eu Te Pego». But apart from Tello, Neymar has idols – Exaltasamba, Luan Santana, Gustavo Lima, etc.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Reggae, rock, hip-hop – seemingly different genres, but Ibra has them all in high esteem. More specifically, we note that Zlatan’s favorite performers are the Swedish rapper Timbuktu and the Ivorian singer Alpha Blondy. The football player even knows personally with the latter.

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