Hagen Mills Committed Suicide With Thought His Ex-Girlfriend Was Dead

Hagen Mills Committed Suicide With Thought His Ex-Girlfriend Was Dead
Hagen Mills Committed Suicide With Thought His Ex-Girlfriend Was Dead

Hagen Mills thought he’d killed his ex-girlfriend, Erica Price, before he died by suicide on Tuesday, May 19 Amebo9ja reports

According to Price’s mother, Tammy Green-Price, Mills assumed Price was dead before he took his own life.

“I think he believed she was dead, as soon as she hit the floor, he shot himself,” Green-Price told The Daily Mail on Thursday, May 21, before recalling the scary ordeal.

“He tied my hands with duct tape,” she recalled, noting that she was watching the couple’s daughter, Mila, when Mills broke into their Kentucky home and waited for her daughter to return. “I tried to appease him, but it was clear he had lost his mind.”Stars Who’ve Battled Mental Health Issues 

Green-Price explained that once her daughter did enter the house, the actor, who was 29 at the time of his death, held Price at gunpoint while asking for her to take him back.

After reportedly looking at Price’s phone, the Baskets alum shot her twice and that’s when she fell to the floor. He then took his own life.

Green-Price didn’t realize it was all over until she “finally opened [her] eyes” after hearing the gun go off again. Price survived the attack and “is going to be OK,” according to her mother.

Green-Price didn’t know much about her daughter’s relationship with Mills, but she said that after Price moved from L.A. back to Kentucky, Mills had a hard time accepting their breakup.

Us Weekly previously reported that the Mayfield Police Department in Kentucky responded to a residence on Tuesday night after receiving a 911 call.Most Shocking Celebrity Deaths of All Time 

At the time, Price reportedly met the authorities outside the home after suffering gunshot wounds to her arm and chest and told the officers that Mills was the shooter and had killed himself.

Price is in stable condition, while Mills was pronounced dead at the scene. The two shared a 4-year-old daughter, who was unharmed during the incident.

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