Justice For Nigerian Students In Uganda

Justice for Nigerian Students in Uganda

Justice For Nigerian Students In Uganda
Justice For Nigerian Students In Uganda

H.E Abdulmalik M.


National Association of Nigerian students in Uganda.



H.E Geofrey Onyeama

Hon Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Amb. Mustapha L. Sulaiman

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

His Excellency,

Call for Query, Justice & Investigation on Emmanuel B. Ukpe


Nigerian High Commission in Uganda on his Inciting of Violence, Tribalism against Hausa (Muslims) and Abuse of Office & Misappropriation.

Sequel for your urgent intervention, call for order, justice and query on Emmanuel B. Ukpe Minister of Nigerian High Commission in Uganda.

On 7th of July, 2020, Emmanuel B. Ukpe posted on all Nigerian Communities and other social media platforms calling me a Notorious Fraudster which shows high level of Tribalism, abuse of Office & Misappropriation, this violates the Nigerian Foreign Policies & objectives on Diplomacy, this is a hate crime against Hausa (Muslims) in Uganda, this is a defamation of character, on account of all allegations, nobody can be called “Notorious Fraudster” on media without been affirmed guilty in the court of law, none the less, such Inciting of tribalism has been here in the high commission for long time on the number of issues which is related to only Northerners in Uganda in processing for Emergency Travel Certificate E.T.C, and other assistance from the high commission.

Emmanuel B. Ukpe has violates Nigerian Constitution Chapter 4 FUNDEMENTAL RIGHTS Section 33-46 1 a,b,c & 35- 1 a,b,c & d. If a Diplomat can’t be a solution why should he be another additional problem? Hausa people are suffering in different things due to such acts of tribalism & hatred, for instance, here in Uganda, some Nigerians who are igbos that were found guilty in the court of laws in some crimes were always protected and assisted diplomatically and this same man Emmanuel has never posted on media that an Igbo person was found guilty in doing something, besides nobody even heard issues of crime related to igbos because they always get help and assisted diplomatically which is also good since they are Nigerians, the questions is why is Emmanuel Inciting violence by dividing Nigerians? Why did he defamed my character on media yet he is not a Judge? It’s his mission in Uganda to protect interest of Nigeria and Nigerians by all means then why is he posting bad about only Hausa people? If he can’t be a solution why should he be a problem?

In 2016-2017 I was the President of Nigerian students in Uganda and had tried to subdued hardship on Nigerian students especially those who were from my school in processing for Visa(student pass) we organized to submit our documents & passports then we submit to the officer whom we have made & requested officially in such work, it was a time of hardships to Nigerians where withdrawing of money was very hard, life was tough on them here and we created that to assist them so that those with some few days, weeks or months of over stays could be helped too without giving them fines, which the process was done and permits were processed, majority of them used it and travel back home successfully and the few remaining who didn’t finish their studies and those who continued with the academic programmes later in 2018 started processing of the new permit which by that time I was no longer the President so I shouldn’t help them in anyway & fortunately Ugandan Immigration has introduced a new type of Visa which is a sticker visa and it can be processed online which makes it easier, but they had informed all General public those who had those previous visas to go and cancel them at the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control free of charge so that they can now apply for the new type of Visa successfully, many students didn’t do that, and the dateline expired so now the immigration started charging fine fee of 100$ per each student who has those type of previous visas, some complained that we put them in a problem however we paid them some money to pay for the fines, we requested for the officer who helped us a year ago but didn’t get any help from him, we reported him to police, after realizing that the only way is to help our people and leave that officer alone then we paid the students money and they used it as for the payment of the fine and all the issues were resolved in 2018.

Maltreatment and abuse of Office is what can make a Diplomat not to solve a problem but to incite a violence, Emmanuel B. Ukpe defamed my character, even said I am in Police Net yet I am not, and creates hatred against people of my tribe (Hausa Fulani) here in Uganda, so therefore, I am not safe, he is a threat to my personality, life and peace, I call for safety, justice, query, intervention, and urgent resolution on this matter.

Find the attached copy of what Mr. Emmanuel B. Ukpe tribalistic Minister of the Nigerian High Commission in Uganda posted on media platforms.

Thanks for your services.

Yours Sincerely,

Abdulmalik M.


National Association of Nigerian students in Uganda


Rt.hon. Ahmed Idris Wase

Deputy Speaker.

Amb. Zubairu Dada

Hon. Minister of State

Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

H.E Mai Mala Buni

(Gov. Yobe State)

National Chairman

Action for Progressive Change APC Headquarters

Nigerian High Commission in Uganda

Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA)

Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolutions (IPCR)

H.E Mr. Mohammed Khorshed Alam.

D-8 Organization for economic Corporation.

Prof. Ango Abdullahi


Nigerian Elders Forum

Hon. Ossai Ossai.

Hon. Abdulkadir Armayau.

Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Public Petitions, Treaties Protocols and Agreements & Ethics

House Committee on Ethics & Privileges.

American Embassy in Uganda

H.E Paul Usana SAN

Nigerian Bar Association

Sahara Reporters.

Daily Trust Newspaper Nigeria.


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