The sonic power of football anthems

The sonic power of football anthems

The sonic power of football anthems

Football anthems are an integral part of football tournaments, including Euros and World Cups. They are the musical accompaniment that permeates stadiums, fans’ souls and even nations. The sounds of the anthems create an emotional atmosphere, support teams and unite millions of people around a common love of football.

The importance of musical accompaniment at the Euro and World Cup

The national team anthem becomes a symbol of national pride. It reflects a country’s identity and culture, representing it to the world community. Anthems such as “Three Lions” for England or “La Copa de la Vida” for Spain become a national heritage celebrating the history and achievements of the team.

Anthems have a key role in creating an emotional atmosphere in football stadiums. Their melodies and lyrics become the choir that fans sing together, creating a sense of unity. It is a magical moment when thousands of voices combine in one sound, highlighting the power and passion of football. It’s not just good music that enhances the quality of watching your favourite football. Add a dash of adrenaline and the enjoyment of the players will only increase! To do this, all you have to do is go to the Surebet website and place a bet.

Euro and World Cup anthems create a musical legacy and leave an emotional memory in the hearts of fans. They become acoustic marks in time, reminding of a particular tournament and its brightest moments. Even years and decades later, the sounds of these anthems can evoke memories and recall the great football festivities.

Euro Anthems: The sound of passion and unity

The Euro is a prestigious football event that brings Europe’s best teams together every four years to battle it out on the pitch. One of the unforgettable features of the Euro Championship is its anthems, which reflect the enthusiasm, national pride and strength of European football. Here’s a reminder of some bestsellers of all time:

  1. “Three Lions” (Football’s Coming Home) – There could be no better start than this iconic anthem. “Three Lions” became a symbol of the England team and was released for Euro ’96, held in England. The combination of the talent of the Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds team brought fun, energy and a boundless belief in success to the song.
  2. “Champion” – This anthem was specially created for the tournament and was the calling card of Euro 2000, which took place in the Netherlands and Belgium. It was written and sung by Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti and Belgian singer Tina Turner. The text of the anthem “Champion” in English included motivating and uplifting lines that praised the football spirit and the competitive spirit of the participants:

“Champion, champion, ole, ole, ole!

We’re the champions, we’re in control!

Champion, champion, ole, ole, ole!

We’re the champions, no time for losers!”

These words became the anthem of the winners, the anthem of the teams striving for the championship. They reflected pride and confidence in their team and proclaimed that they were the real champions.

  1. “Endless Summer” was written and performed by Oceana, a German singer with Ghanaian roots. The anthem was released in 2012 and became the main musical accompaniment to Euro 2012, which took place in Poland and Ukraine. The melody of the anthem “Endless Summer” was energetic and infectious. It reflected the atmosphere of the summer football festival and the joy it brings to the fans.
  2. “Can’t Stop This Feeling” – Euro 2016, held in France, reunited David Guetta and Swiss Sebastian to create the official anthem of the tournament. “Can’t Stop This Feeling” was an anthem that evoked strong emotion and support. This positive track is bursting with happiness, and its tune has become a source of inspiration for football fans all over Europe.

World Cup anthems: Goals and glory

FIFA World Cups are culminating events in the world of football, uniting nations, cultures, and a passion for the game. The anthems of the World Cups play a special role in creating an intense, passionate atmosphere. Here are some of the unique hymns that have accompanied the World Cups:

  1. “We Are the Champions” is the legendary song written by Queen guitarist Brian May and was the anthem of the 1994 World Cup held in the USA. Its melody and lyrics were an unforgettable moment in the history of the tournament and a testament to the power of music in sport. It evokes unity and passion, depicting athletes as true champions able to overcome any odds and conquer the peak. The song has long been a classic and one of the most recognisable hits in the world of sports.
  1. “La Copa de la Vida” – The 1998 World Cup in France featured this anthem sung by Ricky Martin. “La Copa de la Vida” was a true triumph, conveying the energy and passion associated with football. The anthem has become a symbol of glory and dreams of victory, embodying the magic of the World Cup.
  2. “Waka Waka”(This Time for Africa) – The 2010 World Cup in South Africa introduced this anthem sung by Shakira and Freshlyground to the musical legacy of football. “Waka Waka” became a global hit and symbolised the joy, oneness, and hope associated with the tournament. The track became an anthem that united fans and brought the African spirit to the world of football.


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