DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Waco: The Aftermath Season 1 Episode 4 – Conspiracy

DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Waco: The Aftermath Season 1 Episode 4 – Conspiracy

Waco: The Aftermath Season 1 Episode 4Conspiracy

Carol infiltrates Elohim City, where there is a chilling undercurrent about an imminent war. Cogdell has multiple wins during cross examinations but is unsure whether it will be enough. Carol struggles to keep her cover at Elohim City. Vernon’s battle for control over Mount Carmel takes a perilous turn.

The tension was brewing as Gary Noesner came closer to knowing the truth in the third episode of “Waco: The Aftermath.” Gary knew that he only had a limited amount of time on his hands, which is why he needed to find potential leads in real-time. Meanwhile, Dan Cogdell was trying to discredit the testimonies given by the ATF and FBI agents, but time and again, he was running into roadblocks. The way Dan wanted to approach the case was perfect, but he had a hard time finding the evidence to support his claims. The third episode is when David Koresh, for the first time, explicitly refers to himself as the Messiah, and though I wouldn’t say that he suffered from a superiority complex, it was quite evident that he considered himself to be the apex authority in matters of faith and religion.

Dan had gotten to know that ATF officer Jamie Helliver was going to testify against Livingstone Fagan in “Waco: The Aftermath,” Episode 3. Livingstone was Rocket Rosen’s client, and everybody knew that Rocket was an emotional guy who often lost his temper fighting for things he felt passionate about. Dan knew that Rocket’s emotions could be both his strength and his weakness. But he also knew that the case was at a critical juncture and that he had to take each and every step very carefully. Dan was told that Gordon Novel, the ex-CIA agent who had met him in the washroom, was not bluffing when he said that he had valuable intel. Gordon was a well-connected man, though he was infamously known for his unpredictability and erratic attitude.

Novel told Dan that there was not a single Branch Davidian that had their autopsy done because there was a power cut in the mortuary, and this fact had been hidden from the people and the courts. The trial had almost started when Dan saw Novel entering the courtroom, and he went outside to meet him. Novel gave Dan a document according to which the Texas Rangers believed that Agent Helliver wasn’t sure when they asked him to identify Livingstone Fagan. The ranger had also given a signed affidavit, and Dan immediately presented the piece of evidence in court. Dan knew that the defendants were now at an advantage, but Roger lost his temper, and he called Agent Helliver a racist and said that ATF was known to encourage that kind of culture. Everybody knew that what Rocket did was unnecessary, and he could have just focused on the Texas Rangers report and used it to raise doubts in the minds of the jury.

Waco: The Aftermath

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 4

Episode Title: Conspiracy

Air Date: May 7, 2023

Language: English

Subtitle Language: English

Source: Waco.The.Aftermath.S01E04.Conspiracy.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTb



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