“I have been c£libate for two years” Craig David reveals

“I have been c£libate for two years” Craig David reveals

“I have been c£libate for two years” Craig David reveals
“I have been c£libate for two years” Craig David reveals

British Singer Craig David, 43, revealed he has abstained from having s+x for two years as he opened up about his personal life.

The “7 Days” singer — famed for boasting about “making love by Wednesday, and then on Thursday, and Friday and Saturday” on the track, as well as for his womanizing at the peak of his 1990s fame — declared in the summer of 2023 he hadn’t had s+x in “maybe a year or so.”

He admitted he wanted to ‘head his own issues’ and hoped to have more meaningful connections. Thanks to the lack of intimacy, Craig said he’s been feeling more creative in the studio. “I just felt that I was in phase in my life where I’ve enjoyed the rock and roll part of it and not being grounded and not locking in,” he explained. “There was no timeframe involved with that, I wasn’t like how long can we do this for? Or is it you’re going to be celibate before marriage? It didn’t get as deep as that.”

Then all of a sudden it just continued on and I was like, man my vibe is so electric right now that I’m just going to wait,” the star said to TMZ. “It has been really good for me because man, the studio music, the creativity, it’s like, no drama just vibes!”

When he appeared on Louis Theroux’s podcast last year, the singer said he hoped the break from §+x would allow him to mentally prepare himself to meet his future partner as his string of one-night stands sparked ‘many different tra¥mas.’ “I realised that me not having healed my own issues meant I was never in a position to be open to someone else. So I realised I had to pull back from all of this and this has been the past couple of years really,” he said. “Which does mean not outwardly going on dates, the s+dual interactions are going to have to stop now, just cut that off.”

Craig admitted that he had a number of flings because he was scared of getting hurt if he committed to a long-term relationship. This is because of the heartache from a two-week whirlwind romance when he was 16, which he said “closed down” his heart.

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