X Challenge Season 2: Celebrating Ability in Disability by X Factor Productions

X Challenge Season 2: Celebrating Ability in Disability by X Factor Productions

X Challenge Season 2: Celebrating Ability in Disability by X Factor Productions

X Factor Productions proudly presents the highly anticipated X Challenge Season 2, an extraordinary talent hunt set to empower and celebrate the remarkable abilities of disabled individuals across Nigeria. Themed “Ability in Disability,” this season aims to break barriers, shatter stereotypes, and foster inclusivity within society.

In a society where individuals with disabilities have long been overlooked, X Challenge is here to change the narrative. Disabled individuals often face a lack of equal opportunities to showcase their talents, with many reduced to mere recipients of pity. However, X Challenge recognizes that disabled individuals are gifted, filled with untapped potential, and deserving of recognition beyond sympathy.

About X Challenge

X Challenge is a pioneering talent hunt presented by X Factor Productions, aimed at providing a platform for talented disabled individuals in Nigeria to showcase their exceptional abilities and talents. The competition’s central theme, “Ability in Disability,” focuses on breaking down societal barriers and misconceptions, celebrating diversity, and fostering inclusivity.

The winners of X Challenge Season 1

The first season of X Challenge was held at the Bethesda School & Home for the Blind in Lagos, Nigeria, catering to visually impaired individuals. It was a remarkable event filled with extraordinary abilities and heartfelt moments.

One of the contestants participating in the competition
The Chairman, Jay Williams addressing the contestants.

X Challenge Season 2 Highlights

X Factor Productions believes in using the X Challenge platform to break down the barriers of stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding disabled individuals. By nurturing a culture of inclusivity and diversity, this talent hunt showcases the immense potential within the disabled community.

Just like the first season, the competition welcomes participants from all walks of life, providing equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Accessibility and accommodations are ensured throughout the competition to create a level playing field for all contestants. This commitment underscores the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent, irrespective of any disabilityRegistration: Aspiring talents can register for the competition via the official website, and stand a chance to win incredible prizes.

Prizes: The competition offers an impressive prize pool which awards the winner of the competition, the first runner-up, and the second runner-up with the winner receiving 5 million Naira, the first runner-up 3 million Naira, and the second runner-up 2 million Naira, creating life-changing opportunities for the contestants.
Theme: This season’s theme, “Ability in Disability,” encourages society to be curious, not judgmental, and celebrates the extraordinary abilities of disabled individuals.

X Challenge Season 2 Timeline

Entry Submissions: The competition’s online application window will be open for 60 days, providing ample time for talented individuals to submit their entries.
Online Interviews: Selected participants will have online meetings with the X Factor Productions team to discuss their performances and receive guidance. Instructors will assist participants in preparing for their stage performances, and participant profiling will occur during this stage.
Live Performances: The final stage of the event will take place in December 2023 where 30 contestants will perform for a chance to become one of the finalists, determined by audience voting. The top 3 will be selected by judges, with the final rankings decided by voting.

The 30 chosen talents will be flown to Lagos for the grand finale and they will be housed for 30 days, competing in different activities daily, while in the house, there will be support workers to support their disabilities. Also, there will be talent trainers helping to develop their talents while elimination will take place daily by voting from the audience until the last 3 contestants X Challenge Season 2 promises to be even bigger and better. The competition will accept entries from all states in Nigeria from September to October 2023. A panel of experts will select the top 30 submissions to perform at the Lagos finals in December 2023.

The Lagos finals will feature a vibrant display of African artistry, showcasing different cultures and talents beyond traditional singing and dancing. The event aims to create a memorable experience for both participants and a global audience.

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